Chris Dekker started his martial arts career on his 13th with Tae-Kwon-Do. In 1993 Chris started training Ninjutsu in the BBD (Bujinkan Brian Dojo) after 5 years of training he switched to the Bujinkan that is lead by Soke Hatsumi and remains doing so.

He also has trained and continues training other forms of martial art. For example Chris trains Shinkendo under Brent Hire and is also training Kyusho under Theo de Gelaen. Chris also followed several instructor courses, like Philipino Knife-Fighting under Frans Stroeven (WKFS), and level 2 instructor Reality-Based under Jim Wagner. Commando Krave Maga from Moni Aizik, Systema from Vladimir Vasiliev. Further more Chris has followed several seminars, from different instructors/teachers in the Netherlands, but also abroad. To name a few, they are Pedro Fleitas, Jack Hoban, Soke Hatsumi, Somea, Obata Sensei, Shiraishi, and many more.
In 2001 Chris met Glenn Morris when he was giving a seminar in the Netherlands and was inspired by Hoshin. From that moment on he started looking into the esoteric elements and healing, like Shiatsu, Moxa, and Reiki. During that period he joined Hoshin and went to different Kaizens in America and Canada.

Chris started the Kayaku-Dojo in 1998 en teaches several disciplines, like Ninjutsu, Hoshi, SOS-System and Kyusho.

He has also taught police officers in America and Canada the SOS-System.

Here are the grades Chris Dekker has obtained during his years of training:

Tae-Kwon-Do 1st Dan
Ninjutsu 11th Dan (Shihan)
Hoshin 6th Dan (Shihan)
Shinkendo 1st Kyu
Philipino Knife-fighting Instructor
Reality-Based Level 2 Instructor
Kyusho Instructor
SOS-System Founder of the system
PersonalDefenseReadiness (S.P.E.A.R-Systeem Level 1)

Other diplomaas and certificates:

Fitness Instructor

Bootcamp instructor (Billy Blanks)

Reiki 1, Reiki 2

Shiatsu/ Moxa certificate

Chris Dekker is also active in the security sector. He often works as a boucer at cafe's or bars, and also secures events and VIP's.

He also has certification through SVPB and other well known companies abroad.

Chris has worked for: VCD, Rowa, The Security Company, Resco Security and then also VIP protection (where secrecy is a must).
At the moment he works for M&E security services, H&G Security and Feel Safe Security.