Kyusho Jitsu

At the Kayaku-dojo it is now possible to follow Kyusho Jitsu lessons.

You have to be at least 15 years old to participate in Kyusho. The lessons contain much physical exercises. The aspects of the energysystem (yin and yang) and the biomechanical reflexes you get when you punch, play an important role and will be discussed extensively. Furthermore pressure points will be in the center of attention.

Kyusho Jitsu is the Japanese term for the Chinese Dim Mak or in other words "deadly touch". It's based on the theory of acupuncture.
Until the 13th century BC acupuncture was used only for healing. Two Chinese doctors thought of the idea that it could also work the other way around. These doctors did a scientific study to find out more.
They were very surprised to see the destructive effects of the acupuncture points, especially when used in a certain order and combination. The name of the art is definitely not an exaggeration.
Hitting 3 specific points can allready cause a knock-out. Hitting four points can cause a deep knock-out. Hitting five points can cause such a deep knock-out the victim can almost not regain consciousness anymore. There are also points where a person can be hit now and turn ill hours or days later or even die.

The kyusho KO is mostly a syncopation or drop of the bloodpressure caused by the activation of the nucleus tractii solitari in the brain stem. This is caused by activating more than one nerve-impulse at the same time or activating certain specific nervepoints.

In the present times students are schooled during training to help the victim regain consciousness through the art of restoring. Also a lot of time is invested in learning about the human body, based on eastern as wel as western medical sciences. Kyusho Jitsu is a fine expansion to all kinds of martial arts.

The training will be given by Christiaan Dekker.

For more information you can contact me Christiaan Dekker.

Alo have a look at this site for information: Daochi Dim Mak - Kyusho Jitsu - België/Nederland

Chris and Theo

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