On this page, you will find information about the martial art Hoshinjutsu.

What is Hoshinjutsu?

The art of Hoshinjutsu is a living and constantly evolving system of self protection, personal development, and internal focus training based on the creation of it's founder, Dr Glenn Morris. The Hoshinroshi ryu is now headed by Mark Lawrence Roshi.

The system is a combination of martial science, meditation and energy focus, as well as a distinct vehicle to develop an individual's personal power to live with pride and dignity.

The martial aspect of Hoshin is a mix of things that work, taken from different martial arts. (for example Ninjutsu)

The esoteric aspect further defines us. As the martial aspect of Hoshin gives us more confidence and dignity of person to meet the day's challenges with the knowledge that we can deliver significant retaliation to an attack, the esoteric aspect of our training allows us to meet each day with more dignity and grace because of the confidence it gives us as to our place in nature and our universe.

What Hoshin can develop inside you is more important that what it can develop on the outside. Hoshin is not about getting to a destination like a rank or title, it is about the journey.

Hoshinjutsu Training

During a Hoshinjutsu lesson you will learn the martial and esoteric aspect. Hoshinjutsu lessons will be taught by Christiaan Dekker and Dennis van Eenige. Christiaan has been appointed Rokudan (6e Dan) and Head of Hoshin Europe.Hoshinjutsu lessons will be taught at the Naaldwijkseweg 32, 2291 PA in Wateringen.


Here a link to a sneak preview of the new Hoshin promotion DVD, that's coming soon.


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