Kayaku Dojo gives Ninjutsu training for different age groups and on different days. This page gives you the information, where and when the training is being held. You also can find out how to try  a free lesson, and which instructors will be teaching.


Kayaku Dojo gives training lessons in Zoetermeer to different age groups. There is an adult group and a children's group. What you will learn during a training can be found here.


Adult group
Monday evening: 20:00 - 21:30
Cesar Franckrode 60a in Zoetermeer

Childrens group
Saturday morning: 9:30 - 11:00
Steeneikzoom 3 in Zoetermeer

Adult group
Saturday morning: 11:00 - 12:30
Steeneikzoom 3 in Zoetermeer








Free Lesson

Everyone that is interested can train for free on time. You can contact Chris Dekker in advance that you want to train, to see if you like it, but it is not necessary. Have a look just above under training, to see where and when there will be a training session.


In Zoetermeer the lessons will be given by Christiaan Dekker 15th Dan Ninjutsu. Christiaan is active for many years with Martial Arts and trains in different arts, like Shinkendo under Brent Hire and Filipino Knifefighting under Frans Stroeven. Also Chris has been to many different seminars, which were given by different teachers (Pedro Fleitas, Jack Hoban, and Glenn Morris). Chris also has some contacts in America like Jim Wagner (Reality-Based) and Mark Lawrence (Roshi Hoshin). Chris has been several times to Japan to train with Soke Dr. Hatsumi. (Biography of Chris Dekker) Within the Dojo there is another student that assisst's Chris during training he is Dennis van Eenige 9th Dan

Chris Dekker 15th Dan

Dennis van Eenige 9th Dan